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Thank you SO much for being so interested in my cluster frames. I love that you enjoy using them.

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

This is the tag we'll be making so, here's what you'll need:

• Tube I used was by Ismael Rac which I purchased from his store. Please do not use his art without an appropriate license to do so.

• Template I used is by Sylvie and Kristin and you can get it here on Kristin's blog thank you ladies for the awesome temp!

• Mask I used was from myself actually lol, you can get them here I used mask 2 & 9.

• I used the scrapkit by the very talented Tamie of Addictive Pleasures called Mermaid and it is available for purchase here. Any kit you want to use will do.

• Filters I used were: Tramages Pool Shadow, Xero Porcelain, Super Blade Pro (coconut ice preset), Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow, and Eye Candy 5 Perspective Shadow.

• Texture of choice, the one I used was here, please do not rename if you choose to use. You should be able to just right click and save.

• Font used was Fiona Script, but use whatever font you wish.

Okay ready, let's go, make a fab tag!  It's a lil wordy but that's my way sometimes lol!

• Open up Sylvie and Kristin's template and duplicate and close out the original. Unhide the Raster 1 layer and delete the © layer. I pretty much left all the layers where they were except that I moved the Pixel Words to the top of the gradient layer. See my tag for reference, it will just depend on your liking and placement of tag. I chose to move the lips and lips back to the top of the gradient layer also and to the left side. Now since those are 2 different layers, we don't want to separate them much so on each of those layers in the layer pallette, click on the layer link toggle (next to where you change the blend mode) and click once. It should change from none to 1. Do the same for both of those layers. Now that they match when you move one (such as the lips layer, the lips back will move too but will not merge them together.

• Position your main tube on the template. See mine for reference. Depending on your tube choice it may turn out different. Re-size as need be. I also used the closeup of that tube and mirrored it for a differeing effect and placed above the Pixel Words layer. Re-size as appropriate for your liking. Some of the edges may hang over, if they do, on the gradient layer, select all, float, defloat, invert, and contract your selections by one. Grab your eraser tool and erase the parts hanging over you don't want. On that layer I changed the blend mode to Luminance (Legacy). Don't worry if the colors look weird at moment, we'll work on the colors next lol.

• Okay lets color it up pretty to match our tube! On pink glittery circle, I chose to use my manual color correction tool. Select a pink color in that layer as your Source, and choose a coordinating color to your tube as the Target. If at first it doesn't look quite right, try selecting more again til you get the result you want. You can also use the colorize option, I like manual color correction though because it seems to keep more truer colors, but it's all just your personal preference.

• On black circle layer, go to Effects > Texture Effects > Weave with settings of 2, 10, 1 and I used #00cdd5 as the gap color. This code may be different if you use a different tube/color in the overall tag. On the white glittery circles, I used my manual color correction tool there as well to change the color from the white to black. After I changed the color, the glitter was not so noticable so I went to Adjust > Add Noise to apply it again to bring it out more, using uniform, monochrome, and 67 as the selections. I applied a slight gradient glow to both of those glittery circles.

• On each of the pink circle layers, I did a select all, float, defloat, add a new layer and pasted paper of choice into selection on new layer. Delete the original pink circle layers. Using the closeup of the tube I pasted those as a new layer on top of each of those layers, you'll need to re-size to your liking, if using the same tube I did, I re-sized by about 60% on the closeup. Position to your liking and I changed the blend mode to Screen.

• On the black dotted circles, I changed that to the blue color code #00cdd5 using my manual color correction tool. Black will be your source color and #00cdd5 as the target code. On the small black rectangle layers, I just added the gradient glow that I put on the glittery circles. On the words layer, I changed the color from pink to blue once again using the manual color correction tool.

• On white circle layer, select all, float, defloat, add a new layer and flood fill with a gradient of choice. I selected 2 nicely contrasting blue colors from my tube with an angle of 45 and repeats of 3. With it still selected, I applied Tramages Pool Shadow. This just gives some texture to the layer and changes the color positions a bit. On the pink circle layer, select all, float, defloat, add a new layer and paste in paper of choice. Or you can also use a differing gradient here too. Leaving it selected, add another layer and paste the texture into selection on that new blank layer. I changed the blend mode on the texture to hard light. Depending on the paper or gradient you used you may need to alter the blend mode setting.

• On raster 2 layer, I used manual color correction tool to change the pink dotted rectangle to a pretty blue color. I used the same #00cdd5 code for the blue. On the gradient layer, I colorized that layer using hue of 129 and saturation of 255. Select all, float, defloat, add a new layer, and paste texture into selection on that new layer and select none. I changed the blend mode to lighten. Play around with whatever setting you like it to look like, blend modes can be so fun to play with! On the Pixel Words layer, I changed the color once again with the manual color correction tool (lol you can tell I use that tool a lot!) At this point your tube closeup should look a lil better. If not, play around with that blend mode to change to your liking.

• On lips back layer, I changed them from white glittery to a black color once again using the manual color correction. Along that same theme lol I did the same with the lips layer changing them from pink to the pretty blue color. I did the same thing with the Words back layer (changing to black) and Words 2 layer changing to blue. I applied an inner bevel to the Words 2 layer. That's all preference though. On the stars layer, I also changed the color from pink to blue using that manual color correction tool. I did find it necessary to move one of the stars. To do this, I used my rectangle selection, to select the one(s) I wanted to move, promote selection, delete on the original stars layer. You now have a segregated star, move to wherever you want and then merge down to put them all on one layer again. I did a select all, float, and defloat and applied Super Blade Pro coconut ice setting to the stars just to make em shiny purdy. Then applied a very subtle gradient glow (see mine for reference).

• Now as we went on this tag you may have noticed some of your tube layers hung over the side, went way off the canvas. To fix this, what I do is remember what your tag size currently is and I re-sized the canvas, something really big like 1200x1200 just so you can see everything possible lol! Grab your rectangle selection tool and on the tube layers that you may now see hanging over, just select the overhang and press delete. May need to do this on a few layers, I know I did lol. Once all fixed up change the canvas size back to what it was originally. The reason this is important to do, is because when you add your drop shadows and if you've got overhang, you might see the drop shadow from the overhang on the edges.

• Wooohooo! Tag is looking some pretty I hope??? Now it's just those fab personal touches. On the white background layer, I added a new layer and flood filled with the gradient I'd created earlier with the 2 blue shades and then applied Tramages Pool Shadow. It just gives a little bit of texture to it without using a texture lol. I applied mask 2 and then to that also mask 9. If happy merge layer group. I did use my deform tool to pull on the sides as appropriate. At this point do your cropping and re-sizing of your tag to however you want the finished tag to look. Adorn with elements of choice.

• On main tube layer, sharpen, duplicate, and on the top layer, apply a gaussian blur of 5 and change the blend mode Overlay (or setting of choice). I applied Xero Porcelain to the bottom layer. At this point go ahead and add your drop shadows, I used Eye Candy 5 Perspective Shadow for this but if you do not have that filter the drop shadow in PSP works just as fabulous. Add a new layer and add in the artist's copyright and your taggers watermark if you use one.

• Whew! Almost done I promise. All that is left is to do your text. I chose Fiona Script using the pretty blue and I just applied Super Blade Pro coconut ice setting and of course a gradient glow. I swear I do not know how to do text without gradient glow! Then just a subtle drop shadow, hide the white background layer, and save as a png. Voila that's it! I hope you've enjoyed this tut, it's long but haha I'm a wordy one sometimes.

This tutorial was written by Tonya on September 9, 2010, absolutely no part of this tutorial may be taken or used without my express permission. Any part that may be similar to any tutorial is purely coincidental and unintended.

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