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Sunday, January 24, 2010

This is the tag we'll be making and what you'll need:

Oh My Heart scrapkit made by LaCarolita available for download. If you choose to download this kit, please 'leave some love' on her 4shared in appreciation.

• I used a mask from Weescotslass mask 352, please leave some love if you download.

• Tube I used was by Barbara Jensen which is available for purchase through her site, any tube that you wish to use will do though. Please do not use the tube I used without a proper license to do so.

• Template I used was by Missy of Divine Intentionz, the one I used was template 326. Please leave some love if you download.

• I used a lot of filters in this one lol, I used Super Blade Pro (coconut ice setting), Eye Candy 4 Glass, Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow, Eye Candy 5 Perspective Shadow, Xero Porcelian, DSB Flux Bright Noise, and VM Extravaganza Holidays in Egypt. Whew! I do love my filters LOL.

• Fonts used were Kayleigh and Lesline, but any font will do.

Okay ready, set............ TAG (this looks long but really it isn't)!

• Open up Missy's beautiful template, duplicate and close out original. Change the canvas size to 700x700 so we have lots of space to work. Unhide the bottom background layer and flood fill white. Delete the following layers: by Missy (© layer), wordart by Missy, glittered heart 2, glittered heart, rectangle2, and rectangle1.

Alright let's start from the bottom up, here are the step I did as the layers are, one of the beautiful things of Missy's templates is that she has them 72dpi so if you use a PTU no worries on that part.

♦ Medium Circle: 1 & 2 = leave as is
♦ Thin Rectagle: select all, float, defloat and flood fill with a red of choice and apply Super Blade Pro coconut ice. On mine it turned a bit lighter than I wanted so I used my manual color correction tool and it darkened it up beautifully
♦ Small Heart 3, 2, & 1: Merged down so those 3 layers are all one layer, select all, float, & defloat and flood fill with the color black. Select none, and apply DSB Flux Bright Noise, I clicked on Mix once and with a number of 62
♦ Circle 1 layer: Select all, float, and defloat, flood fill with color black and apply DSB Flux Bright Noise, same setting as before
♦ Circle 2 layer: Select all, float, and defloat, add a new layer and paste paper of choice (I used paper 7 from LaCarolita's beautiful kit) into selection on new layer. Select none and delete original Circle 2 layer
♦ Dotted Circle: Leave as is
♦ Circle 3: Select all, float, defloat and flood fill with black
♦ Circle 4: Select all, float, defloat and flood fill with a dark red color of choice, I used a color from the paper that I added in place of Circle 2 above.
♦ Small Glittered Circle 1 & 2: On each of these layers, select all, float, defloat and flood fill with a red color of choice. Select none, and apply DSB Flux Bright Noise with same settings as above
♦ Small Circle 1 & 2: Select all, float, defloat and flood fill with black on each of the layers, select none
♦ Heart 1 & 2: Select all, float, defloat, and flood fill with red color of choice and then apply Super Blade Pro coconut ice setting as before with the Thin Rectangle layer. Here I also used my manual color correction tool to fine tune to the red color of choice.

• Okay that's it for the template layers, it's starting to look purdy I hope? Go back down to the white background layer and select all, add a new layer, and paste into the selection on the new layer a paper of choice, I used paper 7 again. Select none and apply mask 352 from weescotslass, and if happy with placement and everything, merge layer group.

• Now let's add some effects and stuff. On medium circles 1 & 2, I applied Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow of my own making. I had the setting be some red with black on the outside, just play around with whatever you think looks good for your tag. I did the same thing with the thin rectangle and hearts 1 & 2, but of course had to reverse those colors in my gradient glow settings. On the Circle 4 layer, I applied VM Extravaganza Holidays in Egypt, I modified the default settings by choosing size of 45 and mode left at 0.

• Okay let's add the tube in there! On Circle 4 layer, paste tube as a new layer and adjust and re-size as needed to your preference. Now on the tube I used, she hung over the bottom a little so on the Circle 4 layer, I did select all, float, defloat, invert selections. Then on the tube layer, grabbed the eraser tool and erased the bits that hung over so looks all nice and perfectly set in there.

• At this point, I re-sized the entire tag to the ending size I wanted, sharpening any layers that need it. On top of the hearts layer I just put the text Love and Me on each using font Kayleigh. The effects I used on that text was a nice gelly inner bevel setting, Eye Candy 4 Glass (a nice clear setting), Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow, and Eye Candy 5 Perspective Shadow. I applied Xero Porcelain to the tube, added elements of choice and applied Perspective Shadow to any parts that needed a drop shadow.

• Only thing left was to add artist's copyright and your taggers watermark. I always do this after all re-sizing is done so the © is as clear as possible. I used font Lesline for the text and for effects on this one I did an inner bevel, Eye Candy 4 Gradient Glow of choosing, and a drop shadow.

That's it! Woohoooo! I know it was a little fiddly but nice result in the end. I hope you've enjoyed my tutorial.

This tutorial was written by Tonya on January 24, 2010 and absolutely no part of this tutorial may be taken or used without my express permission.


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