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Saturday, April 3, 2010

This is the tag we'll be making so, here's what you'll need:

• Tube I used is by Lorenzo DiMauro which I purchased at his site please do not use this tube if you do not have an appropriate license to do so! This tube is in honor of my good friend Raqual and I wanted to do a tag and tut with it that would help get the important message to GET SMOOSHED!

• Mask I used was from Creative Misfits blog, you can get it here I used KyLie_Mask_mf01.

• I used a template by Punky Butts and you can get it here, I used template 49.

• I love filters lol, so here's what I used: Super Blade Pro (coconut ice setting), Xero Porcelain, DSB Flux Bright Noise, Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow, Eye Candy 5 Perspective Shadow, Tramages Tow the Line, Filters Unlimited 2 (used paper texture Wallpaper Fine, but any texture effect of choice will do if you don't have the filter).

• Gradient of choice, I used PinksHaveIt_CC.

• Fonts used were Black Rose and Harmonica, unfortunately Harmonica is pay so I cannot provide that one, but use whatever font you like.

Okay ready, let's go, this will be fun and easy!

• Open up Punky Butts fab template, duplicate the image and close out the original. Delete layers of Credits, Wordart Frame, Wordart, and dots, as pretty as they are, I ended up not using them. Turn visiibility of background layer on and I increased canvas size so it gave me more room to work and I could see what I was doing better. I changed my size to 850 x 650 lol I know that seems huge but we will re-size and crop and all that good stuff later. Okay now let's work from the bottom up on this fab template.

• On Strip layer, change that to a pink color that matches your tube, below is a screen shot of what mine looked like. After changing the color, I applied Filters Unilimted Paper Textures Wallpaper Fine. If you don't have the filter just use a different texture effect of choice (under Effects, Texture Effects, Texture). I then applied a very slight gradient glow using the filter Eye Candy 4000 using black and the pink I'd changed my Strip to. See my tag as an example.

• Hearts2 layer, using manual color correction tool again, I changed the color to the pink color I had changed the strip too, just change the source color from the blue to the pink color the hearts currently are. Once done, select all, float, defloat and apply Super Blade Pro coconut ice setting. If you don't have that filter, you can apply a nice inner bevel instead. After applying the SBP filter, I applied a gradient glow, just a nice subtle one like on the Strip layer. Repeat these same steps with the Hearts 1 layer.

• Heart right layer, select all, float, defloat, add a new layer, I contracted the selection by 2 and flood filled with the gradient I chose to use. Select none and delete original Heart right layer, leave selections active. Let's go and paste the tube as a new layer now as long as we still have our selections. I didn't do any re-sizing on it and once happy with the position of the tube, invert your selections and press delete. I changed the blend mode to Luminance (Legacy). Select none and on the heartframe right layer, I used manual color correction tool to change to a pretty pink color, my target was #d9748d and applied an inner bevel of choice. Repeat these same steps on Heart left layer, I just had a different part of the tube as the focal on this one. See my tag for reference.

• Circle layer, before we do much modification to it lol, lets get our tube in there nicely. select all, float, defloat, invert selection, contract selection by 1. Paste tube as a new layer, re-size if you need to at all and once happy with placement, grab eraser tool and erase and part that hang over the circle on the bottom. Select none. Now click on the blue in that layer and I used manual color correct to change the color to one that matches the tag. Leaving selection active, I applied Filters Unlimited Paper Texture Canvas Fine. If you do not have that filter, you should be able to achieve similar pretty effect using the texture effects within psp. Select none. Now select the black area of the circle using your magic wand tool and apply Tramages To the Line, I just used the default settings. However I wanted to make them lines pink lol! So leaving selections as is, I zoomed in a bit and applied manual color correction. Reason for zooming in a bit is to easier select the color of those gray lines as the source, and the target be a pink color from my tag. See screen shot below for example. Select none when done with that and then I applied a gradient glow around the whole layer using the pink and black.

• Lil hearts top layer, using the manual color correction tool, I changed them to match the dominant mauve color I've been using in the tag. Once done to your liking, select all, float, defloat, and I applied Super Blade Pro coconut ice and then apply gradient glow as used before. Now we've got our template basically done, let's pretty it up with some minor effects, we're almost done woohoo!

• On the background layer, add a new layer, and flood fill with the gradient of choice you are using for this tag. Apply KyLie's gorgeous mask and once happy merge layer group. Do any re-sizing if need be of the mask layer. At this point I also cropped any of the excess and also re-size your tag to what you want your ending size to be. Sharpen any layers that need it. I applied Xero Porcelain to the main tube layer, using the default settings. Apply drop shadows to your layers at this point, I like to drop shadow pretty much every layer lol. I used Eye Candy 5 Perspective Shadow but if you don't have that filter the drop shadow in psp will work beautifully as well.

• Back up to the top of the layers, I added a new layer and typed the text "Get Smooshed" in place of the original wordart that came with the template. In light of the pink ribbon on the tube, I wanted to add an important message for this tag. I used the font Black Rose and once happy with placement, I applied DSB Flux Bright Noise, intensity set at 39, and Mix selected as well I applied a nice subtle gradient glow to the words to make them pop out a bit and a blurry drop shadow.

• Add the artist's copyright information and your tagger's watermark to the tag. All that is left is to do your text. I used Harmonica font using the gradient I had used in the tag previously and applied Super Blade Pro coconut ice and gradient glow and of course a nice blurry drop shadow. Close off the white background layer if you prefer transparent backgrounds and save as a png and voila all done, I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial.

This tutorial was written by Tonya on April 3, 2010, absolutely no part of this tutorial may be taken or used without my express permission. Any part that may be similar to any tutorial is purely coincidental and unintended.


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