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Hiya I'm Tonya! I'm an avid psper, have been for a few years and finally have me a blog that I've been working on slowly getting stuff added to. I started writing tuts and recently started making masks and templates. I LOVE to see creations you've made with my things, if you'd like to email me please do so at aquaspinner@gmail.com ................................................. My TOU are as follows: All of my items are personal use only NO Commercial Use, please do not share (distribute) my stuff in groups, just send people here to grab please. ♥ Tutorial writers, if you wish to use my stuff in your tutorials, of course I am honored! You're more than welcome to use my stuff in them, I only require that you link to me and send people here to grab the goodies that you are using in the tut. ................................................. Hope you'll enjoy what I have for ya and thanks for stopping by. ♥

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Thank you SO much for being so interested in my cluster frames. I love that you enjoy using them.

However I do have a request, please do NOT credit me as the cluster frame on your tags. Although I assembled it, I do not believe I deserve any such credit. If anything, please list Scrapkit by, (assuming you didn't add other bit by a different designer to your tag of course). I'd prefer not be given credit for simply assembling the cluster frame. Thank you ♥

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Saturday, August 30, 2014
As summer fades for another beautiful year the colors of autumn emerge, the autumn tagging shall commence and Mirella's gorgeous Fall In Color kit really called to me and it is truly a stunning kit, here is a preview of it:

Filled with lots of beautiful colors that just blend beautifully together.  You can find Mirella's kit here in her store.  This is a tag I made with this beauty using the gorgeous art of Jessica Dougherty that just seemed perfect for the kit!  You can find Jessica's PSP tubes for sale at CDO here.

Some fantastic news!!  Tasha of Tasha's Playground has now joined the scrapkit designer team for CDO (Creative Design Outlet) and has released quite a few kits already and they are so gorgeous!!  Here is one of the kits she has released:

Check out all of her kits here!  Congrats Tasha ♥

Here is a tag I made with the kit above using the gorgeous art of Jennifer Janesko whose art tubes are also sold at CDO.

and also I have a few snag extras for you.  You're welcome to save these and use them but please do not alter them in any way or claim as your own, thank you ♥

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Tasha has an absolutely sublime new kit out called Autumn Sunrise and it's such a stunning kit - lots of oranges, yellow, pinks in it just beautiful!  Here is a preview of her kit:

**note this kit was originally sold elsewhere, but as that store has closed, Tasha has re-packaged and re-released it at CDO**

So gorgeous isn't it?  You can check out Tasha's blog here for where to get it.  I have made a couple of cluster frame freebies with the kit too, here is a preview of it:

and here is a tag I made with it using the gorgeous art of Karen Middleton.  Her art is now available at CDO.

You can get my frame freebies by downloading here.  If you download please leave some luv, it is very much appreciated. ♥

Here is another tag that I made with this stunning kit too using the art of Jennifer Janesko.  I had purchased the tube at CILM when it was open, but her art tubes are now available at CDO.

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Sunday, August 17, 2014
Made a CT Tag with a gorgeous kit of Jessica's from Gothic Inspirations.  She has so many lovely kits that have such a great range in them.  I used her Dark Side of the Moon kit to make this beautiful tag using the art of Zindy Nielsen.  You can find all of Zindy's art tubes in her store and here is a preview of Jessica's beautiful kit which you can get in Jessica's store here:

and this is the tag that I made with it:

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Saturday, August 16, 2014
Kissing Kate has a stunning new Eastern Promises kit out called Eastern Promise.  It is made to go with a tube by Zlata M but there are other tubes that will go beautifully with this kit as well.  Here is a preview of this beautiful kit:

Love this kit!  It's got so many beautiful florals and jeweled elements in it.  Here is a tag I made with it using a gorgeous exclusive tube that I was gifted by someone that had chipped in on it.  Artist is Alehandra Vahnek at PFD.  Check out Cat's blog here for where to purchase this one.

Made another tag too with this gorgeous kit - this time I used the tube that the kit was made in honor of - this stunner by Zlata M - you can find the tube in her shop of course for purchase

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Tasha has an absolutely adorable new kit out called Schoolgirl Crush and it's so darned cute, lots of pinks n light blues that compliment each other beautifully!  Here is a preview of this gorgeous must have school kit:

and you can find where to purchase this awesome kit by checking out Tasha's blog here.  So many fab goodies in it I promise!

Here is a tag I made with the kit too which uses awesome art of Keith Garvey you can find his art tubes in his store.

I have also made a cluster frame freebie with the kit too, here's a preview of my cluster:

Also here is a tag I made using the art of Joe Pekar, I had purchased this tube at CILM a longggggg time ago lol not sure if or where the artist sells his art tubes now.

You can find my cluster here for download.  If you download, please leave some luv, it's very much appreciated ♥  Happy tagging!

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Kaci of Scrappin Krazy Designs has a stunningly gorgeous kit out that is actually made to match a beautiful tube by Spazz.  You can use the kit with any tube of course but wowzers is it a gorgeous one!  I made 2 frames with it and am putting those on here as a cluster frame freebies wooot!  Here is a preview of this gorgeous kit:

How gorgeous is that???  You can check out Kaci's blog for where to get this beauty.  Here is a preview of 2 frames I made:

and of course the tags woooot!  I just had to tag the one the kit was made in honor of as I happened to have purchase the kit recently, just could not resist!  The second tag uses the art of Jennifer Janesko whose art can be found at CDO.

If you would like my clusters you can get them here.  Please leave some luv if you download, it's very appreciated.  ♥

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Hello everyone ♥  I recently learned that some of the pics on my old tutorials are not showing.  I'm so sorry about that.  Fotki at its finest!  I had and still actually have a paid account with Fotki but their servers changed their urls just enough that the images previously posted no longer would.  Which is actually the reason I went back to using Photobucket tbh.  I have updated I believe all of them but please let me know if there are any not showing for you.  ♥

Also doing so made me reflect.  I think I've grown quite a bit as a tagger since I wrote some of those tuts.  Or at least I hope I have lol.  I have an itch that I ~may~ scratch and occasionallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy write a tutorial.  I plan to keep it just to whenever the whim strikes me, so probably not on my CT tags as I do lots of fiddly stuff that I would never remember all the steps but I may attempt it in the future you just never know.  ;) 

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Dee of Dees'Sign Depot has a new kit out that is just sooooo beautiful!  So many wonderful goodies in it, lots of ways to go with it and lots of tubes I know that would work beautifully with it too ♥  Here is the preview of the kit:

It's it pretty?  You can pick up this kit in her store here.  Also. here is a tag I have made with it too using the beautiful artwork of Verymany - which can be found in their store:

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Monday, August 4, 2014
Kissing Kate has partaken in a gorgeous store collab for Scraps N Company called Sweet Summer and it's very sweet indeed.  Lots of beautiful bright colors that just work beautifully together.  Here is a preview of her portion for the collab:

Check it out by going here to see how you can get her gorgeous collab.  Also here is a tag I made with it using the gorgeous art of Alex Prihodko which can be found at PFD

I have also made Cat a timeline set with this beauty.  So many great ways to go with this kit and I had an idea of a sweet summer's scene using another Alex Prihodko available at PFD

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Friday, August 1, 2014
Tasha has a new kit out that is very special to me.  It is of MY own birthstone ruby and I never seem to find just the perfect kit for my own birthstone and have long wished I had one and darned if my sweet Tasha did one up just perfect!!!!!  To me rubies are all about love and deep passion and she seemed to do just right amount of deep colors and gems etc in it and can be used for lots of different tags any time of the year.  Thank you Tasha!  ♥  Okay now here is a preview of her kit:

Gorgeous huh?  Check out Tasha's blog here to find out where to get this beauty!  Here is a CT tag I made with the kit using the gorgeous art of Verymany - this tube is one of theirs from PFD:

Also I have made a cluster frame freebie with this kit:

and I could not decide between tubes for this frame so I did 2 different versions lol!  One with the stunning art of Enamorte - this is a retired bonus tube from CDO which can now be purchased here

and also one with the gorgeous art of Anna Marine - her art tubes are also available at CDO here

You can get my cluster frame freebie by downloading here.  Please leave some luv if you download, it's very much appreciated.  ♥

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