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Hiya I'm Tonya! I'm an avid psper, have been for a few years and finally have me a blog that I've been working on slowly getting stuff added to. I started writing tuts and recently started making masks and templates. I LOVE to see creations you've made with my things, if you'd like to email me please do so at aquaspinner@gmail.com ................................................. My TOU are as follows: All of my items are personal use only NO Commercial Use, please do not share (distribute) my stuff in groups, just send people here to grab please. ♥ Tutorial writers, if you wish to use my stuff in your tutorials, of course I am honored! You're more than welcome to use my stuff in them, I only require that you link to me and send people here to grab the goodies that you are using in the tut. ................................................. Hope you'll enjoy what I have for ya and thanks for stopping by. ♥

Cluster Frame TOU

Thank you SO much for being so interested in my cluster frames. I love that you enjoy using them.

However I do have a request, please do NOT credit me as the cluster frame on your tags. Although I assembled it, I do not believe I deserve any such credit. If anything, please list Scrapkit by, (assuming you didn't add other bit by a different designer to your tag of course). I'd prefer not be given credit for simply assembling the cluster frame. Thank you ♥

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
Dee of Dees'Sign Depot has made a kit for Easter that it is oh so adorable in beautiful pastel shades.  Such darling elements in this kit too!  You can find her kit in her store here for purchase

You can use this kit with any artist's work, and I teamed it with a fabulous tube by Jessica Dougherty, whose art tubes are available for sale here at CDO

I also decided to make a wallpaper with this one too!  You can download it here.

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Sunday, March 29, 2015
CT Tag for CDO Scrap CT and Ladyhawwk Designs using her stunning new kit IB-Melissa Dawn 8-1 which is available for purchase exclusively at CDO here.  This kit is just stunning in gorgeous various shades of purples and filled with so much floral beauty.

You can use this kit with any artist's work, I used with another tube of Melissa Dawn's that seemed to match it perfectly as well.  You can find this tube for purchase at CDO here as well.

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
New CT tag for Creative Crazy Scraps - Stu using this awesome kit which is exclusively available at CDO here.  This kit is so stunning in soft shades of pink and silvers and oh so sparkly at the same time with a wonderful love theme.  

This is made to match a tube by Akkasshaa but it can be used with any artist and I used with a fabulous tube by Anna Liwanag, whose art is also available at CDO here.
Very exciting news!!  I have joined the CT Team of Foxys Designz woohoo!  I have long admired her kits and so happy to be able to create for her ♥  First kit I chose to work with was this stunning beauty April Fresh which is exclusive to CDO and can be found here.  Such a beautiful kit and so perfect for those spring tags and sets.

There are so many wonderful possibilities with this gorgeous kit and I used with the art of Anna Liwanag whose art tubes can also be found at CDO here for purchase.

I also made a timeline set with this kit - it just begged it, such a stunner to work with!  I used the gorgeous art of Sabine Rich, which can can also be found at CDO here

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Friday, March 27, 2015
CT Tag for Mirella of A Space Between using her adorable kit Easter Morning.  I had actually purchased this kit last year and never got the right chance to tag it proper so I wanted to correct that this year and I made this beauty with it.  This kit is sooooo gorgeous with its beautiful pastel shades for a gorgeous Easter morning tag.  You can find Mirella's kit in her store with Dee here.

Pretty isn't it?  So many options with it too!  I used with an awesome tube by Edward Reed which can be found at CDO here.

Thursday, March 26, 2015
CT Tag for Alison - Hungry Hill Scraps using her stunning kit Tea Garden which can be found for purchase exclusively at CDO here.  Wow this kit is just so beautiful!  Perfect for those springtime tags with lots of floral beauty and the promise of everything new and beautiful that spring brings to us every year is fulfilled without question. 

I used the stunning artwork of Jennifer Janesko on this one - although there are so many options available.  You can find Jennifer's gorgeous art tubes here at CDO for purchase as well.

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Wednesday, March 25, 2015
CT Tag for CDO Scrap CT andTK Dezigns using her fabulous kit ScrapTK_IB-PinUpToons 79-2 which can be found exclusively here at CDO.  Kit is packed full of fun elements and make this kit just deliciously naughty to work with. 

 This kit may be used with any artist's work and I used with the fantastic art of Nicole Brune whose art tubes are available for purchase here in CDO as well.
 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Monday, March 23, 2015
CT tag for Dee of Dees'Sign Depot using her amazing new kit Some Bunny 2 Love - this kit has SO much in it, lots of papers and frames and packed with elements too.  Such a beautiful kit for Easter and also could easily be used for spring in general.  You can find the kit here in Dee's store for purchase.

Adorable isn't it?  I used with a gorgeous tube by Karen Middleton that seemed to fit the kit perfectly, which can be found for purchase at CDO here.

I also made this tag into a snaggable as-swallpaper, please do not modify it in any way ♥

Size is 1920x1080

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Sunday, March 22, 2015
CT Timeline set for CDO Scrap CT & BabyCakes Scraps using her gorgeous kit IB-Jennifer Janesko 106-2 kit which can be found exclusively at CDO here.  This kit is just beautiful with lots of shades of aqua and various florals that bring about a very mystical feel to the kit.

This kit can be used with any artist's work of course and I chose to use with a great tube by Anna Marine whose work is also available at CDO here

Saturday, March 21, 2015
Dee of Dees'Sign Depot has an absolutely stunning new kit out called Feline Tendencies and oh wow is it ever adorable!  All things pink and kitty and so darned cute, I can see so many possibilities with this awesome kit.  You can find the kit in her store here.

So many thoughts on which tube to use but finally settled on this gorgeous tube by Maryline Cazenave which you can get at CDO here.  

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Thursday, March 19, 2015
CT Tag showoff for Kissing Kate using her gorgeous kit Lemon & Ginger - such a stunning kit with sharp dynamic colors and also all about the blissful moment of enjoying the perfect cup of tea.  Total relaxation comes to mind when working with this stunner.  You can purchase her kit here in section of Dee's store.

How gorgeous is this????  Definitely a must have and would work with so many possibilities.  I used with an awesome tube by Jennifer Janesko, which can be purchased at CDO here

She also has a set of cluster frames from this kit, which can be purchased here

I used one of the frames with a stunning tube by Barbara Jensen, which is available for purchase here.

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Dee has an amazing new kit out called Inspired by Time and using a favorite theme of mine..............STEAMPUNK!!!!!  I love steampunk and wow did she do awesome on this kit.  You can find it in her store here 

How amazing is this???  I LOVE what she creates always, and I used with one of the great tubes by Verymany which you can find in their store here

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Tuesday, March 17, 2015
I worked with a stunning spring/summer kit by Alison - Hungry Hill Scraps.  This kit is so cheerful and happy with just the right amount of floral beauty in it to make the perfect kit.  You have so many options with it and it is packed full of gorgeous elements, frames, wordart, and papers - definitely a must-have!  You can get this kit exclusively at CDO here

You can use this kit with any artist's work - so many beautiful options out there but I chose to use with a great bonus tube I had gotten from Zindy's store - you can find out more information here on it.

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
I worked with this amazing kit by Monti's Scraps which is really a Valentine's kit but this is so easily used for any time of the year where you want your tag to be a little extra pink or a little extra sexy or love-themed.  You can find this amazing kit here at CDO exclusively

You can use this kit with any artist's work and I chose to use with a fabulous tube by Sonia Roji's whose work can also be found at CDO here.

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png
Sunday, March 15, 2015
Rieneke has a new kit out called Free Spirit and this is such a stunning kit!  It's so pretty and perfect for spring tags where you want to show everything coming back to life.  You can find the kit for purchase in Rieneke's store here.

How pretty is this???  It's perfect to get those creative feelings moving again too.  I used the gorgeous art of Barbara Jensen - whose tubes are available in her store here

I also made a cluster frame out of my tag and am giving as a freebie.  This kit completely inspired me!

If you would like cluster, you can download it here.  Please leave some love if you do, it is so very appreciated ♥  Happy creating!

 photo Marilyn_TonyasTemptations_SeaSignature_zps48830044.png

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