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Hiya I'm Tonya! I'm an avid psper, have been for a few years and finally have me a blog that I've been working on slowly getting stuff added to. I started writing tuts and recently started making masks and templates. I LOVE to see creations you've made with my things, if you'd like to email me please do so at aquaspinner@gmail.com ................................................. My TOU are as follows: All of my items are personal use only NO Commercial Use, please do not share (distribute) my stuff in groups, just send people here to grab please. ♥ Tutorial writers, if you wish to use my stuff in your tutorials, of course I am honored! You're more than welcome to use my stuff in them, I only require that you link to me and send people here to grab the goodies that you are using in the tut. ................................................. Hope you'll enjoy what I have for ya and thanks for stopping by. ♥

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Thank you SO much for being so interested in my cluster frames. I love that you enjoy using them.

However I do have a request, please do NOT credit me as the cluster frame on your tags. Although I assembled it, I do not believe I deserve any such credit. If anything, please list Scrapkit by, (assuming you didn't add other bit by a different designer to your tag of course). I'd prefer not be given credit for simply assembling the cluster frame. Thank you ♥

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Monday, October 30, 2017
So I made a small package of gradients for a Gradient Contest in Creative Misfits for our annual Halloween Spookfest bash, and I've now also decided to give them to my blog followers too!  These are all themed to fit various Halloween tubes but they could easily be used other times of the year.  All I ask is that you don't hand them out to others, but rather link them to my blog to get if people would like them.  They are in both PSP and PS version as well.

You can download them here, please say a lil thank you if you do, it lets me know you want more freebies!

Sunday, October 29, 2017
CT Timeline set for Dees'Sign Depot using her bundle set for Autumn's Cry a splendid kit in rich tones of browns, yellows, and purples which blend together to give a warm harvest feel that is just perfect for those autumn creations you are wanting to make.  The greetings autumn gives us is a wait that we experience each year with baited breath and every year it is always as glorious as the previous.  You can purchase this whole bundle here in Dee's store.

With this kit I decided to use a wonderful tube by Andreea Cernestean, whose stunning art tubes are available here at CDO for purchase.

Saturday, October 28, 2017
CT Tag for the amazing Rebecca Sinz using a gorgeous image of hers called Harvest Moon.  The harvest season is here, and the full moon out to light the path along the way, the bats following in her wake wherever she goes for she is never totally alone, even though her soul feels dark as the blackened night.  You can purchase this amazing tube in Rebecca's store here.  I combined this image with a wonderful kit by Chichi Designz called Whispers of Nature.

I also made this into a FTU cluster frame, such a gorgeous gothic kit of Cindy's, I think this is the 3rd frame I have made with it!

You can download my cluster frame here, please leave some love if you do!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
CT Timeline set made with a stunning kit by Foxy's Designz, which was just recently released.  This is a fun spooky kit that depicts Halloween Night with all of the frights that be around every corner of the haunted house, or behind each tree, a new surprise may await you.  How brave will you be?  You can purchase this amazing kit at CDO here.

With this kit, I chose to use with an adorable tube by Ash Evans, which is available for purchase at CDO here.

Sunday, October 22, 2017
CT Timeline set using an amazing kit by Foxy's Designz she made inspired by the awesome bonus tube that is available at CDO this month by Steve Baier.  The Witching Hour is upon us, the darkness is settling in, the spells to be cast, which magical spell will she choose from her book?  The cauldron is bubbling, and ready for toil and trouble!  You can purchase this amazing kit here at CDO.

I could not resist tagging this timeline with the bonus tube that inspired this kit.  You can get this tube for free this month at CDO, after purchasing $10 or more of tubes from artist Steve Baier (after any discounts applied).  Check out his tubes available for purchase here at CDO.

Animated tag creation I have made using a wonderful animation package from Rebel Dezigns, her beautiful animations flow seamlessly to bring out extra beauty in your tagging creations.  I used it with a wonderful image by Andreea Cernestean and matching kit by Foxy's Designz.  The combination of these 3 bring to mind a fantasy of soft blends of lilacs and lavender, a soothing combination that brings peace of mind to any stressful situation in life.
Animation package available here at CDO
Tube available for purchase here at CDO
Scrapkit available for purchase here at CDO

Saturday, October 21, 2017
CT Timeline set with a stunning Halloween/gothic themed kit by Tasha's Playground.  A love so deep and unending that not even death can separate them, this kit tells a story of how the twin half of your soul may no longer be here in the flesh and the pain of the loss is deep, yet the love still grows strong until they can be together again.  You can purchase this wonderful scrapkit at CDO here.

I used this with an amazing tube image by Anna Liwanag, whose wonderful tubes are available for purchase also at CDO here.

CT Tag using one of Barb Jensen's newest tubes that was just released this week.  Also she has a wonderful surprise tube in this package with special Halloween and Christmas layers, but hurry the special tube will only be available until October 31st!  There is a sharpness in the very soul, something that cuts deep, yet she has her edges as well, you just have to find them.  You can purchase this amazing package here in Barb's store.  I paired this tube up with one of Ladyhawwk Designs' gorgeous kits, called Cutting Edge, which can also be purchased in Barb's store here.

CT Tag featuring one of the new tubes in Barbara Jensen's latest package and she has certainly outdone herself yet again, this whole package is amazing and what's more there is a wonderful surprise tube in the package up until October 31st that has special Halloween and Christmas layers.  The feeling of summertime is like none other, the warm rays of sunshine as they glow down upon you as you enjoy the flourish of summer and all of its graceful beauty.  The blooms are fragrant and strong and time to enjoy that magic that will be fleetingly out of grasp as the cooler days approach.  You can purchase tube tube in her latest package #91 which you can find in her store here.  I paired this up with one of Ladyhawwk Designs' amazing kits called Flourish which seemed to complement this image so perfectly.  You can purchase this kit in Barb's store here.

Friday, October 20, 2017
CT Tag using an amazing SURPRISE tube in Barb's latest package.  This is her tube Embraced but with special Halloween and Christmas layers, how perfect is that, and you get it for free if you purchase her latest package 91, but this is only available until October 31 so you best hurry, so you do not miss out!  This one is the perfect image of Halloween and she is embracing it to its spookiest extent, the depths of her soul welcomes the darkness, the special magic that is cast on Halloween night.  You can purchase this amazing new package in Barb's store here.  I paired it up with a fantastic kit by Ladyhawwk Designs called Creeped, which is the perfect compliment to those Halloween creations.  You can purchase this kit in Barb's store here.

Thursday, October 19, 2017
CT tag featuring one of the new tubes in Barbara Jensen's amazing package that she released this week.  I love the variety and the special layers that she does with all of her layered tubes.  This one is called Summer Breeze, she is relishing the last lingering days of the hot summer, she knows the balmy days will not be here for long as the nights become a little bit crisper, so she is going to enjoy every moment of the blissful warmth of the summer heat.  You can purchase this wonderful tube in her newest package here in her store.  I paired this up with an amazing kit by Ladyhawwk Designs called Mellow, this kit is also available in Barb's store here.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
CT tag which I have made using the new package out this month by Michi Art, this entire package is so adorably cute and fun to work with.  Life can often be seen in artist's eyes as a blank canvas, we make of it what we will, through the trials and tribulation along with the joys and blessings, we paint a beautiful picture of what we do and become as we grow in strength and character.  You can purchase this package at CDO here.  With this wonderful package, I used the matching kit that Ladyhawwk Designs made to match it, which can be purchased here as well.

I could not resist creating a matching wallpaper to go with this, this package really tapped into my inspired side:

You can download it here, in size 1920x1080.

Sunday, October 15, 2017
CT Tag for Foxy's Designz using an incredible kit she had made with a very dark gothic theme with her special touch of elegance that makes Foxy's kits so very special.  There is a darkness that we can all find ourselves at during one point in our life or another, the trick is to decide to embrace it or run from it.  There are some though that feel so comfortable within their inner darkness they choose to go where it leads, for within that search they find the answers they are seeking.  You can purchase this wonderful scrapkit exclusively here at CDO.  She is also Designer of the Month at CDO so be sure to check out her other kits as well, you can pick them up at a very nice 25% off - great time to stock up!

I used with a different tube than it was made for, this is a retired bonus tube by artist Andreea Cernestean that I don't believe I've had a chance to tag yet, and seemed to work so perfectly with it.  Although this tube is no longer available, you can check out Andreea's other tubes available for purchase here at CDO as well.

I also decided to make a matching wallpaper for this:

You can download it here, in size 1920x1080.

Saturday, October 14, 2017
CT Tag using an amazing scrapkit made by Ladyhawwk Designs that has a definite theme of love, we often think to celebrate a special day of love in February, however the season of love, and to show love, is always going on and is always a special spot in the heart to bring about the beauty of the moment.  Having that special someone by your side during all those special moments in our lives makes them all the more special.  You can purchase this wonderful kit here at CDO.

With this wonderful kit, I used the amazing art of Jennifer Janesko, whose art tubes can be purchased here at CDO as well. 

I also made this into a wallpaper:

You can download it here, in size 1920x1080.

CT Timeline set made with an amazing Halloween-themed kit by Tasha's Playground called The Haunting Hour.  Such beautiful tones of oranges, blacks, and dark grey lend this to be a wonderfully spooky blend of the special night of Halloween, the Haunting Hour.  The spells are ready to be cast, the caldron is bubbling, and you can see a haunted house in the distance so now the witch waits for the her favorite night of the year as darkness begins to fall.  You can purchase this kit exclusively at CDO here.

With this kit, I decided to use an amazing bonus tube that is available this month at CDO by artist Enys Guerrero.  You can get this tube for free all this month if you purchase $10 or more of Enys' tubes (after any discounts applied), which you can find here at CDO for purchase.  But hurry, after the 31st the bonus tube will no longer be available!

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