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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is the tag we'll be making and what you'll need:

• Annegret scrapkit made by the very talented Seven it is available for purchase at her store.

• I used a tube I had purchased of Jamie Kidd's which I purchased at CILM. Please do not use this artist's work without a proper license to do so.  CILM is now closed, and you can now purchase her art tubes at CDO here.

• Template I used was by Rose go to blog to get it. The Daydreamer temp is 2nd one down. Thank you so much Rose!

• I used a mask 51 from Magsnificiant Creations blog, please check out the masks there, they are awesome!

• Filters I used were Tramages Cirquelate, Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow, Super Blade Pro (coconut ice setting), Eye Candy 5 Impact Perspective Shadow, Xero Porcelain, Filter Factory E Mo' Jellyfish.

• Font used was Adagio Pro which I cannot share, but any font of your choice will work nicely.

Okay ready, let's go, this will be really easy I promise!

• Open up Rose's fab template, and delete Raster 7 as it's not needed. Change Canvas Size to 600 x 600 so we've got lots of space to work around in. You may need to floodfill the bottom (Raster 6 layer) white again. Just gives us plenty of space to see what we are doing. If you are using a PTU tube it is very important you change the overall image to be no more than 72 DPI. This is in accordance with the TOU that each of the PTU agencies impose. To do this, go to re-size, uncheck the "resample using" box mine is in the middle of the page, depends on which version of PSP you are using. Change the resolution to 72 and press OK. Alright now let's start and do what we need to with our layers lol, we'll work from the bottom up.

• On Raster 2 layer, let's colorize that to match whatever your tag colors are going to be, I chose to make that layer a darker purple. It doesn't show much but it depends on how you decorate your template as to what will show. Using the manual color correction tool, I selected a color from the first (current) image as the source and chose a dark purple color as the target. You can see a preview of what it will look like in that window so you can fine tune as need be. When happy click OK.

• On Raster 1 layer, the semi circle, I selected all, float, and defloat, added a new blank layer and paste paper of choice (I used paper 11) into selection in that new layer. Select none and delete the original Raster 1 layer. While on that new layer you just created with that paper, go ahead and apply Tramages Cirquelate to that layer. It's important to have your background color a darker green of that paper, I used code #b0ce94.

• On Raster 5 layer, using your deform tool (or pick whichever you prefer). Move that layer down just a smidge so that it is flush with the edge of the noise layer (you won't see any of that green layer beneath it). Also you will need to stretch the side on each just a few pixels as there might be a space or two of the green showing beneath. I applied Filter Factory E Mo' Jellyfish to this layer just to give it some definition. I changed tile size to about 223 or so, totally style preference though, whatever you like on it.

• On Raster 4 layer, you may need to move this down some so that it is centered on that raster 5 layer. I changed the color of the Daydreamer text from white to a light purple (I used #d9aedf) using the manual color correction tool like before. We will do more with this layer but we need to do other stuff first lol.

• On Raster 3 layer, I changed the color of the butterfly doodle from the purple to a light green using the manual color correction tool. Select the current purple color as the source and a light green as target color. Select all, float, and defloat, apply Super Blade Pro Coconut Ice setting and select none. Now our temp starting to look pretty yes? But let's make the tag look gorgeous.

• I opened up the pretty flower #3 from the kit and paste as a new layer above the green semi-circle that you applied the Cirquelate filter to. I re-sized the flower to about 60% and moved over to the left hand side, right about where the text Daydreamer starts. Duplicate and move up and to the right a little so that the next one is just up a little on that semi-circle. Continue to do this until you have them all the way around. I ended up with a total of 6 of them. I applied a drop shadow using Eye Candy 5 Perspective Shadow to each of the flower layers. Here's a pic of what my settings looked like:

Once happy with all of them, start with the top most flower layer and merge down until all of the flowers are on one layer. Select all, float, defloat, contract selections by 1 and now go back up to the Raster 4 layer and using your eraser tool erase the parts of the Daydreamer text that the flowers hang over on. Do the same on the Raster 5 layer (the purple strip beneath the Daydreamer text). Now back on the Raster 4 layer (Daydreamer text) select all, float, defloat, and apply Super Blade Pro Coconut Ice setting to the Daydreamer text and once that is done select none. Now I applied a slight gradient glow using Eye Candy 4000. Here's what my settings looked like (first panel is settings of 5, 25, 100).

• Back on the flowers layer, add your tube as a new layer. We want this to be above the flowers layer but below the Raster 5 layer. This is a great template for use on those half body images. Re-size and position where need be.

• On the white background layer (beneath the purple glitter layer) and paste the glitter frame 5 as a new layer. Using your deform (or pick) tool, drag it so it fits around the top of the purple glitter layer nicely. Don't worry about how the bottom looks we'll fix that! Using your selection tool (set on rectangle) draw from where your where your purple rectangle and Daydreamer text are all the way across so that you have the bottom half of the glitter frame and once happy press delete. This is what it looks like to give you and idea.

• On white background layer again, select all, add a new blank layer and paste paper of choice in that new layer. I used paper 21. Apply mask 51 as linked above and merge layer group, duplicate and mirror the images, merge down those 2 masked layers together. Do any re-sizing or moving with your deform tool as need be.

• At this point re-size your total tag to what you want your ending tag size to be and sharpen any layers that need it and apply any drop shadows as need be. On the tube layer, I applied Xero Porcelain and then the drop shadow that I used on the flowers which gave her a nice glow. Apply your artist © information and tagger's watermark. I also applied a very light gradient glow to these layers so that they stood out more. I always try to put the © info right on the tag itself to protect the information.

• Add a new layer and do your text. I used the font Adagio Pro in white and applied a pretty lime green super blade pro preset and then a nice gradient glow with drop shadow. Use whatever your preferences are for text, those are just what I used but that is all just personal preference. Once done with text, hide the white background layer and save your tag as a png and voila all done!

This tutorial was written by Tonya on April 21, 2010 and absolutely no part of this tutorial may be taken or used without my express permission. Any similarities to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.


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