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Thank you SO much for being so interested in my cluster frames. I love that you enjoy using them.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017
By the Waterfall Tutorial by Tonya

This tutorial was written by Tonya of Tonya's Temptations on 8/12/17 in PSP X5, however any version should work fine.  Any resemblance to any other creation out there is purely coincidental and unintended.  Please do not copy my tutorial either in full, or in part, or claim as your own. Please do not re-distribute my tutorial, if you wish to share it, please share the link to my blog, thank you!

Okay now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let's get creating!


Needed Supplies:

Amazing art of Jonathon Earl Bowser, you can get the image and tube I used in package 1 here at CDO or individual tube here.  Please do not use his art without license to do so.

Scrapkit by the Ladyhawwk Designs - ScrapLHD_IB-Jamie Kidd 66-1.  You can purchase this scrapkit here at CDO.

Animation by Rebel Dezigns - package 205 - I used animation #617.  You can purchase this stunning package of animations here at CDO.

I am big on using filters, I used:
•  Xero Greyscaler
•  Toadies What Are You?
•  Two Moon Wish It Would Rain
• any filters you like to use to do your text

Alright let's get this tagging started!


Open up a new canvas 700x700 in psp, I started mine with the white background, you can close it off later if you prefer transparent tags, when animating I tend to keep mine with a white background, otherwise Animation Shop may distort the prettiness. 
Open Frame 1, copy and paste onto your canvas, I re-sized down by about 85% - depends how big you like your tags, we can always re-size down later.

Click inside of the frame with your magic wand tool, and expand your selections by 10, invert your selections, open up paper of choice and paste underneath the frame.  I re-sized the paper by about 75% and hit delete so you only see the frame in in the background of the frame.  I actually used 3 papers, I love to blend!  Paper 5 was on the bottom, then I pasted and repeated steps above Paper 2 applying a blend mode of Luminance.  I repeated one more time with Paper 3 and applied this one as Soft Light.  When happy with effect, deselect.  

Paste tube on top of frame and place into position of tag, however you like to do this.  This particular tube has a stunning background in another layer, with a gorgeous waterfall flowing, so I wanted to use this.  I copied that layer 2 and pasted that on top of the paper layers we just finished with and I moved it up just a smidge so you only see the waterfall part, and applied an Overlay blend mode.  On one of the paper layers, select all, float, defloat, invert selections, and on your layer of the tube image, hit delete.  This will delete any excess that is hanging over the frame.

Underneath all of prettiness we've created so far, on the Background layer, I pasted Element 15 from the scrapkit and re-sized by about 65% and used my deform tool to turn it to fit behind my frame and then I duplicated, mirror, and arranged around behind the frame background.  See my tag for reference.  I just kept on duplicating, mirroring, and moving around until I got a nice pretty floral effect in the background, rotating a smidge as I went so that it was a more free look to everything.  Once I was happy, I was on the top layer of these and merged down until it was all one layer (easier for drop shadows later).  

Underneath this layer again, I took another element, this time Element 14 and arranged in much the same way, you can flip the flower a bit so that the lighter side appears on the edge and towards the top, which gives a nice light contrast throughout the tag.  Once you are happy with placement, I merged all of those layers layers with Element 14 together to keep things nice and tidy.

Underneath your background layers, at this point, I added Frame 3, re-sized down just a little bit and rotated it to the left a little bit (by about 20°) and moved up and to the left a little bit (see my tag for placement).  I then duplicated this layer and then applied Flip and Mirror so you see them such as my example.  Merge those 2 together.

Select the layer that you first did with Element 15 (the pink flowers behind the frame and papers), open and paste Element 20 on this layer, I re-sized by about 55% and then moved over to the right, duplicated, mirrored and flipped.  I duplicated that layer and rotated by 90° to the right and placed towards the top, you can see how mine turned out for the desired effect.  I merged these 3 layers together, duplicated and on the top copy, I applied Xero Greyscaler with the default settings as shown:

Change the blend mode to Screen and the opacity to 38%.

On the top layer (the tube), at this point I started placing elements from the kit to dress up the front of the tag a little bit.  Open and paste Element 3, re-sizing by 55% and flip, move over the tube at the bottom, this is a great way to hide any edges on using those close-ups on tubes.  I then arranged a few layers of Elements 15 and 14 again, just arranging them into a pretty floral display so they look slightly clustered and layered without it being too much.  I then put Element 13 and 21 and arranged, also Element 5 and rotated to the right slightly so it is behind the tube.

Looking pretty yes?  

Okay at this point, I wanted to create a pretty background - that does not use any masks, yes this can be done!  Hide the white background layer, and then right click on your tag in the menu bar and choose Copy Merged (or go to Edit - Copy Special - Copy Merged if you prefer).  Above the white background layer, which you can now unhide, and paste as a new layer.  Re-size this by 75% and then apply a gaussian blur of 10.  Important:  make sure that your materials palette - both background and foreground are set to white.  If you do not do this, you can sometimes end up with some funky glows.

Okay apply Two Moon Wish It Would Rain filter with default settings of this:

Move this over to the right just a little bit so you see it on the edge, duplicate, mirror, and once happy with placement, merge down.  Duplicate, apply blend mode of Screen and lower opacity to about 48%.  Select the bottom one and duplicate again, and re-size by 75%.  Apply Toadies What Are You with the default settings:

I duplicated this layer and rotated and flipped a few times and moved to each of the 4 corners to give a smooth effect.

At this point I applied drop shadows on all of my layers, some do this throughout, I prefer to do at the end so I can vary them a little bit to add a little dimension to the tag.  Once happy with the effect of the tag, I cropped out any excess white background, feel free to re-size at this point.  AFTER you re-size add your credits, I always do after so that it does not distort and maintains the clearness of them.

You can add your text here and call it done, or you can continue on and let's animate - I promise it will be painless!

Open up animation #617 in Animation Shop, I re-sized the entire animation by 80%.  Select all, go to Animation and Re-size Animation and 80x80 in the percentage of Original boxes.  Back in PSP, I selected the layers that are the tube and above, as the animation is going to go behind her so it is in the background.  Once you have all layers selected (I had quite a few with all of the elements at front of tag), click on the little eye on one of those layers in the layer palette, which will hide all selected.  Copy merge what is left and paste as a new animation in Animation Shop (or Control and V).  Go back to PSP, invert selections (go to Layers - View - Invert) this will give you all other layers at an easy go.  Copy merge and paste that one as a separate animation in Animation Shop.

On the original one we posted (the 'back' of the tag), duplicate until you have 25 frames, which is the number of the frames of Rene's animation.  Once you have 25 layers, go to Rene's animation, make sure that you have Propogate Paste selected and select all on both your back of the tag, and also on Rene's animation and just drag that over and place to your desired effect.  Then go to the top half of the tag (which should also include your credits of course) and drag that onto the back of your tag and animation.  Play the animation to make sure it shows the way you wish it to look.  Happy yes?  Close the animation out, because now it is time to add the name to your tag.  

I do the effects I like in PSP, for names, but not always the same thing each time, so just use whatever fonts and effects you like.  For my tag I used Pine Casual and placed it above and to the right on the frame to balance the tag out some.  Optimize your tag with settings of choice in Animation Shop and save as a gif.
VOILA!  We are done now - I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  

I also decided to make a wallpaper to match this in non-animated form:

You can download this wallpaper here, in size 1920x1080.


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