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Hiya I'm Tonya! I'm an avid psper, have been for a few years and finally have me a blog that I've been working on slowly getting stuff added to. I started writing tuts and recently started making masks and templates. I LOVE to see creations you've made with my things, if you'd like to email me please do so at aquaspinner@gmail.com ................................................. My TOU are as follows: All of my items are personal use only NO Commercial Use, please do not share (distribute) my stuff in groups, just send people here to grab please. ♥ Tutorial writers, if you wish to use my stuff in your tutorials, of course I am honored! You're more than welcome to use my stuff in them, I only require that you link to me and send people here to grab the goodies that you are using in the tut. ................................................. Hope you'll enjoy what I have for ya and thanks for stopping by. ♥

Cluster Frame TOU

Thank you SO much for being so interested in my cluster frames. I love that you enjoy using them.

However I do have a request, please do NOT credit me as the cluster frame on your tags. Although I assembled it, I do not believe I deserve any such credit. If anything, please list Scrapkit by, (assuming you didn't add other bit by a different designer to your tag of course). I'd prefer not be given credit for simply assembling the cluster frame. Thank you ♥

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017
CT Timeline set using a stunning image by Rebecca Sinz called Windswept.  This image tells a story of a mermaid caught in the deep dark sea, that is perfectly befitting of her troubled thoughts as she stares out in the abyss of the sea.  Where will they take her with the mysteries of the moon to guide her?  You can purchase this tube in her store here.  I paired it up with a kit by Tasha's Playground that fits this image and darkness of it perfectly, called Midnight Ocean, which can be purchased exclusively at CDO here.

 photo DustyRose.png
Monday, June 19, 2017
CT Timeline set for Dee of Dees'Sign Depot using an incredibly sweet kit of hers called Sweet on You.  Although this kit is amazing for Valentines Day of course, there is always a great time to show a little bit of extra love to those that we are sweet on.  This kit is all about the love and the sparkle life has when you have that special someone by your side.  You can purchase this very sweet kit at Dee's store here.

I used with an adorable bonus tube that is available this month at CDO by Delphine Demers.  As soon as I saw this tube, I thought of this kit.  You can get this tube for free until the end of this month, if you purchase $10 or more of tubes by that artist (after any discounts applied).  Check out her tubes available for purchase here at CDO.

 photo DustyRose.png
Sunday, June 18, 2017
Tag that I created today using an amazing kit by Rebel Dezigns called Blackened.  This mini kit shows the elegance and beauty of a combination so classy of black and white.  Throughout the elegance, there is also a darkness, which is protective of our spirit, it holds it close to us, who will be let in to learn our inner most secret thoughts and feelings?  You can purchase this amazing kit here at CDO and I also used one of René's amazing animations in package 241, also available at CDO here for purchase.

I used with the incredible artwork of Michael Calandra, whose art tubes are also available for purchase at CDO here.

 photo DustyRose.png
Hey everyone, I would like to make a note about credits on using my cluster frames.  Please do NOT credit me on your creations.  I appreciate the wanting to credit me, however, I simply have arranged the pieces of a marvelous scrapkit of those that allow me to do so.  If anything, please credit the scrapkit designer (assuming you did not mix with another kit maker of course, always check TOU for if that is allowed or not).

Thank you ♥

 photo DustyRose.png
CT Tag using an amazing image by Rebecca Sinz called To Bid You Farewell, to tell the story of the heartbreak so strong and so deep, she may never recover.  How does one say goodbye to a loved one ripped from her?  She will eventually carry on as best she can, but she knows, she will remain forever broken.  You can purchase this wonderful tube here in Rebecca's store.  I paired this up with a wonderful kit by Tasha's Playground, which is available for purchase here at CDO.

I have made a matching wallpaper as well:

You can download this wallpaper here, in size 1920x1080.

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Friday, June 16, 2017
CT Tag for the amazing Hungry Hill using her adorable new kit called Elves in the Berries, which is just packed full of creative possibilities.  From the adorable elves in this kit that have seemingly made themselves a little home in the berry patch to the golden rays of sunshine, summer has bloomed to her greatest glory, and the garden is reaping the sweetest berries, be on the lookout for some critter guests too!  This kit can be purchased here at Mystical Scraps.

I used with an adorable image by Maryline Cazenave, whose art tubes are available for purchase at CDO here.

I have also made a cluster frame freebie with this wonderful summertime kit:

You can download it here

 photo DustyRose.png
Wednesday, June 14, 2017
CT Tag featuring the amazing art of Mélanie Delon with her new package that released this month at CDO and all of them are so detailed and elegant in the emotions that the artist is trying to portray.  I chose to use the one with a bit of an Ice Maiden theme - the cold and dark of a serene winter's night, not much movement out there except for the softly falling snow as it lightly dusts the ground.  I used with the wonderful matching scrapkit that Amy of Gimptastic Scraps made to match it to perfection.  You can purchase this scrapkit and tube bundle here at CDO.

I have also made a matching wallpaper for this one:

You can download it here, in size 1920x1080.

I have also made a timeline set for Facebook with this amazing package, and another tube in the package:

 photo DustyRose.png

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